500 calories

About 500 Calorie Project

  1. What is THE 500 CALORIE PROJECT?

    THE 500 CALORIE PROJECT is a healthy food restaurant that allows you to order healthy salads and meals online. Our body weight is usually the result of a kind of lifestyle we lead. Therefore lifestyle modification, that includes change in dietary habits and physical activity forms an integral part of any weight loss strategy. At The 500 Calorie Project, we help you to look at food in different ways and support you in making small dietary changes that have lasting results. We will help you replace processed and artificial foods with foods that are natural, wholesome, and nutrient-rich. At The 500 Calorie Project - all our meals and salads are calculated and within the 500 calories limit.

  2. What went behind the curation of our menu ?

    Our team of experienced master chefs and certified nutritionists have done a lot of research and experiments to finally present a menu of meals that are healthy, delish, and below 500 calories. A daily calorie intake for every individual is different and it depends on factors such as gender, age, weight, height, medical conditions, and weight goals. However, the nutrition experts suggest that an average daily calorie intake of each meal can be broken down as 300 to 500 calories each for lunch and dinner. Hence, we’ve done all the tough work! Each of our dishes have been tested in a certified lab to arrive at the exact calorie count and keep it below 500 Cals.

  3. What makes The 500 Calorie Project unique?

    The healthy food that you order online at The 500 Calorie Project is wholesome, nutritious, and yet super delish. Every dish is carefully curated to keep it strictly under 500 calories (nothing hidden)! We place emphasis on including best superfoods from each food group and precisely measure the proteins, fats, carbs, and calories to ensure you get all the nutrients needed for optimal well-being. Our results really do speak for themselves!

  4. What results can you expect from The 500 Calorie Project?

    With The 500 Calorie Project, you’ll enjoy a variety of delicious, nutritious, and healthy meals. Ultimately, the results depend on you. Also, we believe in habit building and not quick results. Remember, the diet plan may conclude someday but the healthy habits last forever! So let’s not expect any results from eating a couple of healthy foods from our menu rather make it a habit to always eat healthy. And, if you are sincere to yourself and your healthy diet, it won’t take long for you to reap the rewards. Our healthy foods are definitely going to make you more energetic, happy and fresh. We also suggest you follow our Instagram handles (@ the500calorieproject_ (for INDIA) and @ the500cp_uae (For DUBAI)) and blogs where we provide a lot of authentic information to motivate a healthy lifestyle. Put simply, with The 500 Calorie Project you’ll feel great!