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If only Calories were friends

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It’s lunchtime and the office is buzzing with delicious food talk, but somewhere in the corner Rohit is busy scanning his lunch. Looks like he is solving some global economic issue but all he to do is calculate Calories. Because he weighs 15 kgs more than his desired weight.


From keto to intermittent, he has had his affair with every third diet trend. But the weighing scale doesn’t seem to budge. If only, the kilos could be switched and there was someone who would want to share some of Rohit’s growing kilos.

Ashwin, from the finance team, knows how to spend less and save more. But that just applies to money, he wishes he could do the same with his kilos and Calories.

On both sides, the struggle is real.

One half of the world is trying to get away from Calories and the other half is trying to get closer to Calories. And both sides are failing, faltering and trying hard.

But there’s something that binds both these sides — Calories.

Where one team is playing against Calories the other one is playing for Calories.

Both wishing they could just exchange it in a snap.

Sadly, that’s just a wish, like all the other things on your wishlist.

If only someone could take the weight off your love handles.

If only someone else could go on a diet for us.

If only, all your jeans would fit without having to wriggle into it.


If only lifting a glass of water or taking a short walk could help in losing weight.

If only you had curves at all the right places.

If only you had more energy.

If only someone else could hit the gym and you would reap the results.


If only you could bulk up with just one day at the gym

If only you could skip the whole struggle of finding an XXL or XS

If only your wardrobe could be a little more forgiving.

If only you could enjoy an entire thanksgiving meal without gaining even a kilo.


If only all your meals were cal-culated.

If only all your cal-culated meals were delish.

If only all your cal-culated, delish meals had the right proportion of good carbs, fats and protein.

If only, you had something like THE 500 CALORIE PROJECT.


This is our story, our reason to be.

We are sure even you have a similar journey, even you belong to one of these sides and are looking forward, not to switch sides but to be on the cusp of goodness. Exactly where we are right now. Not too difficult just takes little discipline and perseverance.

We truly understand that it feels awesome to indulge to your heart’s content and yet not be bothered by the maths of Calories. So why don’t you handover that Calorie calculator to us and feel free to eat?

So keep looking for all the good and awesome stuff, that we are sending your way.

Soon uncovering the curious case of Calories, keep an eye.