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The curious case of calories

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Calories, calories, calories, the entire world is talking about this one little word and its big impact on our lives, health and well-being. Right from dieticians, fitness experts, food labels to gourmet brands, ‘Calorie’ has become the It word of our generation.

But how much do we really understand about these calories?


There is so much that we all want to know!

Like what is a calorie? Is it all bad? Are there good calories? Where do you find these good calories? How do you keep a watch on the hidden and empty ones? And do you actually lose weight every time you burn calories?

Looks like you have stumbled upon just the right place. So without any further ado, let’s get to the bottom of this mystery.

KYC: Know Your Cals

Simply put, a Calorie is a measuring unit. Just like Joule, Fahrenheit, Gram, Kilogram etc. It measures the energy derived from the food consumed.


It is this energy that keeps us going. Be it excelling at your performance at work, living a healthy lifestyle or something as simple as that short walk from the bedroom to your fridge. We are constantly dependent on this energy derived from Calories.

Which is why we say,

Befriend the right Calories!

Finding the right calories is as difficult as finding the right friends. Hence, once you get them you better hold onto them.

Here’s a cheat code - Healthy food = Healthy Calories.

Now, mind it, healthy food need not be boring, bland or tasteless. So get rid of that frown.

All you need to do is eat mindfully.

One quick cue to look out for - Healthy Calories keep you full, leaving you energized all day. On the other hand, unhealthy food often gives you Empty Calories that tend to leave you hungry, making you crave for mor

Like that glass of expensive whiskey you had with a side of fried chips. Or that cheese burst pizza you devoured with some cola and ice!


Remember, how you wanted some more of it, blame it on the empty calories, buddy. One of the reasons we are perpetually hungry is because we constantly binge on food that is nutritionally empty. Our bodies just don’t seem to get enough of what they rightfully deserve, hence keep craving for more.

Fix those cravings with these pro-tips

  1. Add some nutrient-dense foods to your meals and snack. (We’ll give you your “go-to” list pretty soon
  2. Potato chips? Why not thick-broth soups or a green veggie salad.
  3. Ditch the sugar-laden cereal for a delish smoothie bowl
  4. Slay those mid-day cravings with a high protein fruit or a handful of nuts.

Simply put, add a lot of vegetables and fresh seasonal produce to every meal. Swear by good fats and most importantly keep a watch on those hidden

No more hide and seek with calories

You can easily dodge the Empty calories but what about the hidden ones?

Hidden calories are sly, they kinda sneak into your food quietly, all the tim

Sometimes hard to dodge, but it doesn’t hurt to try. These are a few helpful techniques to avoid those hidden calories, especially when eating out.

  1. Know your ingredients and what their nutrient breakdown is like.
  2. Deliciousness comes in many forms like a) Steaming b) Boiling c) Stir-Frying not just DEEP FRIE
  3. Honey, stay away from sugar & MSG.
  4. Avoid eating foods that induce more hunger.

This way you will not only keep track of your calorific intake but also track the kilo

Keeping a count is one part of the struggle, but it is essential for you to be aware of the calorific needs of your body.

If you consume more than you burn you will gain weight, but if you consume less than you burn it can also put your health at risk.

Go about the change slowly. Don’t try to cut your calories drastically, rather be kind to yourself and understand your body’s need

Get hold of one of those cool online tools to help you figure out how many calories you actually need to stay fit, be healthy and maintain that waistline! And then simply work around that number. Just like you work with your monthly budget :


If you’ve now got your bearings in place with the concept of calories, watch out for our next blog 9 things you need to know about calories! (We have a feeling you’ll want to bookmark this and that and everything else!

Until then - Go steady, take your time and you shall be there soon. (That’s what we’re here for!)