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Eat Your Calories and Lose Weight Too

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Eat Your Calories and Lose Weight Too

Calories and weight loss! Isn’t that an oxymoron?

For years, poor calories have been carrying a baggage of being called the ‘Bad guys!’ It’s because of them that some of us have been wearing plus sizes.

Think of the day you or a friend announced about going on a weight loss plan. Was it on a New Year’s Day, last year? Oh! Whatever happened to that diet and weight loss plan… Just try to recall if there was any friendly advice.

Watch what you eat and count your calories! Read it again in a sinister tone.

It is true that you need to restrict your calorie intake to fit perfectly into dresses or get those six packs. But, you can’t let go of calories completely.

After all, these tiny little powerhouses give your body the energy it needs. And, honey you need them daily. So, can you eat calories and yet keep fit? Yes, very much! But, only if you promise to be determined and choose your food wisely. Are you up for some smart hacks? Scroll down!

1. Take smaller steps so that you don’t slip

Eat Your Calories and Lose Weight Too

Let’s not hurry into a fad diet, and make some grave changes to your routine. Take it easy and start slowly. Cutting down about 500 calories a day from your diet is ideal. This way you can reduce about half to one kg of weight in a weeks’ time. Awesome isn’t it?

But wait which calories would you keep and which one would you let go? Remember our last conversation about the good and bad calories? Tell me again!

Also, don’t put everything on diet alone. You also need to do some workout, sorry success has no short cuts! So, with 70% responsibility on diet and 30% on exercise, you must start your calorie reduction journey.

2. Know the difference between good and bad

Eat Your Calories and Lose Weight Too

This golden rule of life, is applicable to calories too! The calories your get from food are either used up as energy or stored as fat. The fat may get stubborn over time if not burnt in time with activity. This is where the good and bad calorie concept can help you. Good calories come from healthy foods and are accompanied by other nutrients such as minerals, fiber, vitamins and more. Bad calories are the empty ones that come from unhealthy foods. These eventually settle as fat in the body to make you look like a pumpkin. So take your call! Salads, fruits, veggies or burgers, pizzas, pastries?

3. Portion control is the key

Eat Your Calories and Lose Weight Too

We are done with the quality but what about the quantity? Don’t you often cheat friends by reaching out to the bigger slice of pizza? Oh winning by a few millimeters is a victory too! But, don’t rejoice here please. Instead do exactly the opposite. Yes, pick the smallest portion ☺

Now you know, what you eat is as important as how much! One of the smart ways to cut down calories is to start reducing the portion size. You may not be able to change your eating habits overnight. Again, relax and take one thing at a time!

Start by limiting the amount of foods with added sugars and bad fats from your diet. So, from a bowlful of ice-cream come to just a scoop for now! How about switching to smaller bowls and plates so that you automatically have less on your plate? You never thought of this, did you?

4. Look for innovative recipes

Eat Your Calories and Lose Weight Too

Hey this is something we should be concentrating on. Healthy and low-calorie need not be synonymous with bland and boring. Make your own recipes or Google for some. There are numerous ways of giving a make-over to conventional healthy recipes. Make your salads colourful and flavourful with herbs and dressings. Just get a little experimental with food!

Now after reading all this, don’t you wish there was an option to ‘switch off’ the ‘craving for junk’ mode? Bad calories would always be out! So why do we feel hungry and crave for calorie-rich things at time? Let’s uncover the truth soon.