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5 After-Party Detox Regimes worth Trying

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One extra bite, just a little more, one last peg! And, that’s it, we get carried away at parties.

It happens with most of us! The unlimited starters, food spread, drinks, and desserts look so inviting that it’s hard to stay committed to the healthy foods.

And, if that has happened already there is no point crying over the spilt milk or rather….beer? Hahah so cheer up and divert all your energy at finding the fixes.

The good news is, your body is already in the detox mode. We know this excites you! Your kidneys, liver, and almost every part of your gut is willing to push the excess fluids, toxins, chemicals, and everything else that is unwanted out from the body. You must join this hardworking team too by getting the right foods on your plate and following some healthy habits. So, scroll down and find the list of your detox-regimens to rediscover the “original” you!

1. Fruits and veggies in every meal

detox regimes

What, again? Yes, there is no escape! Fruits and veggies are an integral part of almost every diet on this planet, detox is no exception. So, grab some citrus fruits like oranges, melons, and lemons. Yes! Lemon water is good too. Beet roots, spinach, and other leafy greens can help to flush out the toxins. They are full of fiber and also get you a bunch of other nutrients. But, going on a complete fluid diet with spinach or beet root is a bad idea. It can actually make your life worse. They have these things called ‘oxalate’ that trigger kidney problems. So, just a glass or two of spinach or beet root juice with breakfast is great.

2. More water please

detox regimes

Oh! The most inexpensive detox-regimen ever! Let the “detox juices” or “cleanses” claim whatever they wish. Most of them do not have any scientific proof about the safety of their ingredients. In fact, some detox diets severely restrict food intake and deprive you of important nutrients. So, sticking to a good regimen is your best bet over an expensive detox fluid diet plan. And, what can be a safer fluid than pure water? Again, the same logic of avoiding complete fluid diet applies here. Drinking only the large quantities of water, flavored water, or even herbal teas and skipping your meals for days in a row could lead to severe electrolyte imbalances. So, stay hydrated, increase your water intake than before but do eat some healthy meals.

3. Fiber-up your diet

detox regimes

In our daily talks of macro and micro nutrients, don’t we forget something important, the fiber! Let them come to your rescue now. Fiber-up your diet with raw salads, potatoes, (OK! sweet potatoes) with skin, bananas, pears, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and many more. But, do eat fiber-rich foods that help to maintain bowel regularity. Remember, every part of your gut is working hard to aid your detox plan.

And, if you are convinced, please spend some time eating salads at the next party. Well, that’s a little friendly advice here!

4. Say yes to naturally fermented foods

detox regimes

Do you know your body is a home to some bacteria? Don’t panic, these are the good bacteria that run a small fermentation unit inside your body. They actually break down most of things that we consume. But, when you eat chemical loaded preserved foods, these tiny good creatures get offended. That’s exactly what happens after having too much food at the party. So, what do you need to please them and get your system back on track? Simple! Eat naturally fermented foods like curd, yogurt, and pickles. Remember, when you unfriend the good bacteria, the bad ones take over only to demand a big dose of antibiotics and make a big hole in your pocket.

5. Make room for protein

detox regimes

Accept it or not! You are biased towards carbs and fats at the parties. We all are, to be fair. Protein-foods are like an optional field in the google form, you may or may not put them on the plate. But, proteins still love your body, after all they are the building blocks of your muscles. So, you can’t help but embrace them! Proteins help in the natural detoxification process that occurs in the liver. So, eat lean meat, eggs, paneer, tofu, beans, and other good sources of protein as a part of your healthy detox diet.

That was a lot of great stuff, wasn’t it? Looks like it’s time to get back to the routine slowly with eating, exercising, and sleeping as well. Do you feel that your sleep schedule has been disrupted? Well, it’s OK to stay up late on a few occasions. But it’s a big NO to compromise your good sleep for a long time. If you always have difficulty getting a refreshing sleep, you must make changes to your routine. We are bringing it to you soon. Stay tuned!